Jericho Liddane (WIP)

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Jericho Liddane (WIP)

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Name: Jericho "Jerry" Hephaestus Liddane
Age: 196
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (berserker)


What people tend to remember about Jericho most is his strength, which in terms of sheer brute force could put the likes of Bucky or even Neasa to shame. Labeling him 'superhuman' is a little polite, somehow, although he'd be the last person to ever talk himself up in such terms. Of course, extreme strength is useless if one cannot control it, or else one's own body would tear itself to shreds in seconds; Jericho came into his might over time, and learned how to control and moderate it so as to interact on a mundane level with the rest of the world. This self-control can easily be applied to other aspects of his prowess, like the bloodlust and the Berserker fury.

Even before he was gifted with immortality and enhanced senses, Jericho was an excellent hunter and woodsman, capable of silent stalking and marksmanship no matter the pray. Afterward, with the enhanced physique and awareness, these skills border on epic; how many trackers can run down their prey blindfolded, in the woods, during a raging blizzard? And in fact he does just this, having trained himself not to rely on any one sense over the others. Least of all sight, which can be so easily fooled compared to smell, or hearing. Over time he has learned to navigate the high streets, shadowed alleyways and underground passages of the modern-day city with just as much ease and aplomb, as well, although exhaust fumes are unpleasant no matter who or what you are!

-Superhuman physical strength; even for an immortal, his strength is legendary
-Mastery of hunting, stalking, tracking and sniping
-Excellent control of Berserker rage


Jericho is not without foibles, obviously enough. He's not much of a team player, personifying the "lone wolf" archetype almost to a T; he can be incredibly stubborn once his mind is made up, and very little can derail him in any sense. And since he can literally pick up and move aside just about anyone, it just makes convincing him all the harder! Underneath the hard-nosed shell, though, he harbors an abiding fear of the ultimate fate many of his line fall victim to, to lose his mind and become a feral, raving monster. Given his natural strengths, this would be a most dire event indeed, and thus he must keep himself socialized and in touch with the city and her inhabitants.

Related to his decidedly antebellum upbringing, too, Jericho can sometimes come off strangely racist, or speciesist. Having been raised in a world of slavery and bigotry, some traces of that time's mannerisms and disdains yet cling to him. He may not even be aware of it himself, but for those sensitive to such things he can be just as disconcerting and off-putting as any neo-Nazi. And despite his self-control, he does have a competitive streak, and a challenging opponent can bring it out of him very quickly.

-Somewhat hardnosed and stubborn, not a team player
-Great fear of turning "feral"
-Racist upbringing

-6'3", 240lb
-Dark red hair, dark brown eyes, dusky skin tone
-Facial features indicate Native American ancestry
-Preference for outdated clothing, "noir" style coats and hats

-Quiet, self-absorbed individual, not prone to loquacity
-Does not actively espouse racist behavior, but was raised as such and some slight mannerisms still show
-Very certain of himself, can be hard to dissuade or change his mind; doesn't appreciate being told he's wrong
-Works as a private detective and bail bondsman; acts as his own "bounty hunter" and is licensed for such
-Keep under the radar, stay in business, manage the day-to-day of life in Hope; no great aspirations


Jericho's mother was a Cherokee woman named Adsila, captured by a cavalry officer under Andrew Jackson. He took her as a concubine back to the family plantation in Kentucky, where she secretly grew close to one of the slaves; inevitably she became pregnant, and instinct told her the slave was the father. She lied to cover this up, though, and since the officer was a white supremacist he had magic performed to ensure all "impurities" would not carry on through to the child. Disgusted by this but unable to protest, Adsila ran away back to her people, where she gave birth to a son months later; apart from dark red hair, the boy appeared entirely native, and they named him "Little Cardinal" after the distinctive bird.

Little Cardinal did not stay little for long, however. Even as a child he stood taller than the others, and with his red hair he stood out even more. He was slow to learn how to speak, as well, as if some part of him knew he didn't quite belong with the Cherokee, but regarding other things he learned very fast indeed. Hunting, fighting, survival; despite his stature he could be enormously light on his feet, which came in handy when stalking game.

-Born 1829 to plantation owners in Kentucky; parents had used magic to purge "impurities" from the child, managed only to give him red hair; kept him anyway
-Raised to believe in the inferiority of blacks and other minorities; years of self-doubt over not being fully white resulted
-Spent a lot of time in the woods, hunting and tracking; developed a sense for following others, useful for running down escaped slaves and convicts
-Already an accomplished woodsman and sniper at the outbreak of American Civil War; joined the South as a marksman and cavalry leader; size and strength allowed him effective use of swords and the like
-Battle of Mount Sterling, 1864, marked his "death", bayoneted through the chest by a Union scout; managed to decapitate the man before falling over; was rescued by a Berserker woman and turned
-Took to new life rather well, learned self-discipline quickly regarding his strength; skills in life were enhanced (doubtless why he'd been picked for turning!)
-Wandered the Western states after the War, tracking down people and acting as Sherrif in several town; joined the Pinkertons in 1880s
-Skirted the edge of losing his mind once or twice, didn't like it all so settled down for good in Hope; found work as a PI, liked the mystique and the image that went with it
-Technically still a Pinkerton, but doesn't like to advertise it
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