Matriel W.I.P.

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Matriel W.I.P.

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Name: Matriel/Kaito Urakawa for his current mortal alias
Age: Exact age unknown, but likely as old as the universe, if not older…
Gender: Male in his human form; gender doesn’t really apply to his original form
Species: nonhuman/ angel, rank of Throne/Ophanim/Wheel of Water

Strengths: Being a sentient tool of creation, Matriel is the Creator’s focus for all things related to water. He can manifest water in all its forms: freshwater, saltwater, ice, hail, snow, rain, and water vapor. Oddly enough, he can manifest solid items out of nowhere in the same fashion Void Weavers do, albeit they are in some way linked to his element. He can turn into water itself and even morph into storms themselves, such as he did when he initially rescued Meris from her pursuers.
As he came into contact with mortals and their notion of heavenly beings having wings, he attained the power of flight, or it might just be that adding wings onto his form made sense. Given his wings bear eyes amongst the feathers, this additional sight proves useful when on the battlefield. Not to mention, being hit by the large wings of an eldritch angel is sure to hurt.

While Metatron is considered the Voice of God, Matriel and his “siblings” still receive orders from the Almighty, which he would describe as feelings, sounds, and images in the back of his mind. He states that this is where the permission to sire Nami originated from… Regarding language, he fluently speaks and understands every mortal tongue, past and present, based solely on the fact of what he is and what his duties require.

Like all angels and demons, he can slip through time and space with a thought, as his perception of time isn’t linear. 1,000 years ago might as well be yesterday to him.
Being one of the inventors of seraphic magic, his voice can emanate various effects on the listeners of his voice. He has been known to use it on particularly troublesome demons.
Weaknesses: A highly notable weakness is his link with God. Should the Others ever overcome the White God, it’s difficult to say what would happen to Matriel and his counterparts. The Creator gave them autonomy and sentience, but they are still his product. Would they die or continue to exist in some form? Another thing to consider is the fact they are the conduits of what creation requires to continue existence as we know it. Matriel doesn’t know, and the thought leaves him uncertain.

This fact leads into another complex matter. All angels are capable of being corrupted; how else would the seraph Lucifer have fell? The tricky part is that tampering with the creative forces of the universe and turning them to destructive means is like dangling a carrot in front of the Others. Corrupting his “programming” is dangerous to the foundation of the universe itself. Fortunately, his loyalty is deeply hardwired into his being. That is why he and the other Thrones have avoided the Fall.

As with his brethren, he is vulnerable to Infernal metals and Hellfire if he is struck with them. They tend to have the same effect that iron does for Fae. It harms their soul and leaves them depressed until the effects of it wear off. He might even be killed by them, but that generally means a temporary state of not being there until he’s brought back onto the mortal plane, like a celestial hiccup on God’s part.

While interacting with people and angels alike, Matriel appears stilted in his syntax, expressions, and mannerisms. For those who don’t know him well, he may very well come across as indifferent and cold.

Appearance: Compared to most Seraphim and Cherubim, the Ophanim are both unusual yet the most relatable of the angels in the highest Choir. Their taking of corporeal forms occurred when the first physically recognizable humans arrived on the scene, which likely do not resemble the ones they have today. Matriel’s most current appearance was influenced when the need arose for a mission to Heian Japan, which he kept over the centuries, changing names as needed.

In his mortal form, he stands at 7 feet, weighing 230 pounds. Matriel’s physique would be thought to be perfect if one considered the Golden Ratio, but he certainly doesn’t present himself as such. His features are a matter of circumstance, and it even reflects in his facial features. While having a strong jaw, it’s in smooth angles set in a usually dispassionate expression. Dark blue eyes seem to shift slightly in color, depending on his mood. This iris hue is peculiar in one hailing from the Land of Rising Sun, but he passes it and his height off as remnants of Dutch blood intermingling somewhere along the family tree. His black hair is usually slicked back and just reaches the hollow between his neck and shoulders, which is usually partly tied back. A light and slightly graying moustache and beard is neatly trimmed.

Unfortunately, Matriel cannot reveal his true appearance to any mortal; doing so causes them to lose their grasp on reality, due to their mind being exposed to levels of order on par with seeing written Black Speech. If someone could see it, they would see gyroscopic, spoked wheels within wheels, in silvery tones of blue, gray, purple, white, and any other shade you could see in the ocean; blue eyes line each wheel and see in all directions, producing a strange, order-aligned hum.

To compromise for mortals’ inability to see what he really looks like; he has allowed some of his angelic traits to appear in a more benign fashion. If he didn’t have his veil up, the viewer would see a series of turning wheels covering his body like a full suit tattoo, yet it would also resemble inlaid metal underneath his skin. His large, blue wings have a series of eyes along the alar, which move and blink. Only other angels and Void Weavers could stand being in the presence of a Throne’s true form.
In day-to-day life, he frequently wears suits for his job at Wyvern Securities; he prefers modern cuts in regard to his jacket, vest, shirt, and pants and dresses in colors that hint at his watery connections. He will usually wear a loose-fitting yukata as sleepwear.

Behavior: Matriel, like the other Thrones, is a strange mix of human characteristics and alien inhumanness. He seemingly displays little to no emotion, but, in reality, his emotive cues are just as complex as any other person’s.

Humor and happiness are displayed in the faint turning up of the corners of his lips, and his eyes light up with the glowing shimmer of mirth. Anger emanates from him in the stern set of his jaw, and a measured, cold-feeling gait. Take the same movement only burdened by sadness, and the footsteps become heavy like a dreary storm, his head bowed. However, many times his face will bear an inscrutable expression.

Matriel is as much a creative force as he is a governing balance within Heaven’s bureaucracy. The numerous eons have taught the Throne much and shaped him as an individual.

Early on, his prime reason for being was obviously creation. Time didn’t really exist, and creations seemed more like a very positive and joyful dream for him that manifested in the tangible aspects of our reality. It was all at once a nebulous yet very real experience. Like his siblings, Matriel was astounded by the rise of organic life, well before the rise of dragons. These lifeforms, such as the Karthians, the Wardens of Gilese, and even the earliest ancestors of the Drifters, started out in other points of the universe, seemingly independent of the Creator’s influence.

God seemed absolutely fascinated with the burgeoning life on Earth, so it prompted him and others to focus on the young planet. The already seeded life in other areas showed great promise. Microorganisms and their evolutionary descendants made the angel marvel at it. The early involvement of angels herding dinosaurs toward new nexuses and the resulting development of dragons began the ongoing conflict of the angels’ superiority and the effects of such hubris.

Personally, Matriel had always a certain amount of care for his creations, but never to the point of it placing him in some position of dominance. If anything, he viewed them as children of the Almighty, as much as his and brethren were. After the Fall, the change in perspective toward his fallen brethren is more nuanced. Demons like the Goat, Belial, and Asmodeus have little chance of redemption, while repentant succubi and incubi deserve a chance. Demons from Pandemonium should be helped more by Heaven, if at all possible, and they should not face the worn out “fiery sword” mentality some of his more zealous coworkers spout.

Having a family introduced him to new understandings of mortal relationships. At the beginning of his courtship and marriage with Hanako, he was still very unclear on the expectations of being a lover and a husband. After centuries of being with her, those same expectations have become second nature to the Throne. His public displays of affection are never overt, and the public gestures are subtle, the brush of a shoulder or a hand being enough to convey great love and respect.

The birth of his daughter was also life-changing as well. Caring for a Nephilim entailed both the basic care of a child and the unpredictable nature of that child’s angelic side. Nephilim children of higher-ranking angels are less stable in being able to deal with their abilities, so he knew he would have to take an active hand in raising her. However, he has never regretted siring her, and she serves as another tether for his nebulous humanity.

His care for humankind has led him to being stationed on the mortal plane, specifically in Hope. Trips into the future via Angel Time alerted Heaven early on that the cursed metropolis would have a significant role to play. Working at Wyvern Corp., he does his best to play the mild-mannered, albeit wooden, guy in charge of PR. His coworkers think that he’s something of a cold fish, appearing rather passionless, but he’s no less dedicated to his job and what the company does.


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