One of many interesting modern lich designs...

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One of many interesting modern lich designs...

Postby IamLEAM1983 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:44 pm

So we've got our Disaffected Gaslight Era Romantic Buffoon and our Eldritch Gunslinger; I've got a skeletal nineties' throwback in the oven - but I wondered what other liches from other countries and cultures could look like. I figure certain climates might cause liches to more or less mummify over time rather than just rot away and turn to a bag of bones, so some might have a few remnants of their former living features. They'd dress them in fairly modern clothes, and owing to the fact that they're dessicated, they wouldn't give off much in the way of a stench or unpleasant substances or byproducts.

Considering, one of Aristide's colleagues from somewhere between Haiti or South Africa might look a little like this...


This is hotlinked from Aida de Ridder's portfolio, who seems to have focused largely on fanart and personal projects before recently participating in the creation of a small indie game studio.
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