Something about Hope's musicians...

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Something about Hope's musicians...

Postby IamLEAM1983 » Mon May 15, 2017 8:53 pm

I know I need to push past Clem and eventually bio Adrian Snow again, but parsing through my audio library brought be back to Marilyn Manson - which made me think...

Snow's the Power Metal type. He tends to dig borderline-feral levels of Chivalrous or Bardic Positivity, to the point where I'm sure he showed up for President Jones' first inaugural party, as a guest artist. Well, I remembered Azrael and how the guy more or less served as a proto-Vlastos (with less motivation because I was a shitty RPer back then) and started wondering...

So, Marius is the type to either throw his lot in a bit for global annihilation just to Make it End, or to grouse while waiting for long-delayed forms of self-discovery and renewed empathy to manifest. Blowing up the world - or trying to - was his coping mechanism. What if an early Mesopotamian storyteller and bard of sorts got vamped, saw maybe a few hundred years more than Marius, also turned into a nihilistic ball of angst - but pushed it through music, instead?

The guy might be the Hopeverse's take on Manson; the uncomfortable finger-pointer who both spits bile about the shallowness of modern society and everything we've lost in our quest to Have More. The problem is, as he's a Cantor like Meris, he can push his almost literally crushing vibes of depression on other people. He's a hit with a certain subsect of the jaded immortals - especially if they were turned young - and with a lot of impressionable teens who more or less just woke up to the world's injustices. He's never so overt as to push people to do the deed under his songs' influence, but I figure he doesn't really know what's keeping him from cheering people like Marius on for trying to blow us up.

I guess Azrael might say Earth sucks, but that he wouldn't exactly be any better on Luna, Mars or Paradise. If everything's shit and the same shit's everywhere, staying in charted waters probably makes more sense to him.
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