...and a voice study for Paradise's AIs.

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...and a voice study for Paradise's AIs.

Postby IamLEAM1983 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:04 pm

Malcolm Merlyn (an obvious handle for YouTube) is a scambaiter who uses virtual machines to con Indian call centers into exposing their illegal sidelines. He's also unique in the scambaiter community for how he never uses his actual voice and defers all communication to a text-to-speech program. The end result is sometimes halting, sometimes fluid - and you get the sense that there's a clear intelligence driving those words, even if it hasn't mastered syllable emphasis. Questions sometimes sound like statements, and statements sometimes sound like questions.

I figure the gang's going to bump into a lot of this on Paradise, and they're going to see it shift a bit once Archie's future body is temporarily inhabited and controlled by a helpful chunk of Maintainer cores.

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