Transitional ideas between the current chapter and the next

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Transitional ideas between the current chapter and the next

Post by IamLEAM1983 »

Part of what could push someone's buttons and lead to personal shit in Tom's life in the first few post-merger years will possibly involve his vetted choice for the new Prince of Lust.

What I've got in mind is that nobody in his inner circle is interested, he'll refuse to consider Sophie's request for a nomination (AKA the Littlest), on the notion that her body is only just starting to show signs of moving past fixed homeostasis. In clearer terms, she's only just starting to work through puberty. Understandably, Tom's not too hot about sticking Lust's crown on someone who's starting to get uppity and as cranky as moody teens can get...

So, with nobody left, he's stuck dipping back into Asmodeus' old digs and comes across Gremory - who's probably going to request that he be called "G" - who's more or less filled in Tom's old role of Asmodeus' personal scapegoat, in the incubus' absence. The catch is while Gremory never tried to temper his urges with human empathy, he's much more capable when it comes to constructively channeling his urges without training. Yes, he's a complete horndog, but he seems to prefer consistency over immediate relief... Considering, Tom's fairly hopeful. The planar mergers being what they are, G has no need for a body and isn't hampered down by mortal hormones, which means he's simultaneously more intense than Tom was, but also more in control. Tom installs him as the club's private lounge bartender for a few weeks. Apart from Gremory changing his bedsheets once every two or three days and occasionally bringing in one or two guests too many on Saturdays, things work out fine. In-between the paycheck-earning stuff, Greg gets quizzed on managerial stuff concerning Asmodeus' demesne, and shows he'd be quite capable, if asked to keep the harem's folks in line. He'd go so far as to eventually connect the harem to a deluxe escort service installed across the circular walkway on Herbert's office floor...

Then comes the day where Tom calls Gabriel and Forsythe over and officially presents Gremory's candidacy and his case file to the Vienna Council and Heaven alike. Nothing too ceremonial was noted on Hell's part, Lucifer ended up trusting Tom's judgement well enough - even going so far as to get more than well with Gremory on a few private occasions...

Unfortunately, that's where Sophie and Amenadiel would lose their respective shits. Sophie's less skilled at covert stuff than he is, so she blows her cover, endangers everyone in the tower by letting incarcerated loyalist Pitspawn in through the proverbial back doors, goes Regan McNeil on our guys and trashes the body Tom worked so hard to procure for her. Julia and Benedict (Dancer and Eyes) are distraught but help to contain her, seeing as they've made serious progress and now have lives of their own. Volker, the new Prince of Wrath, takes it to an especially personal level because he's still clear-headed enough to see all the sacrifices his friends made. He requests the banishing blow that'll vacate the now-seemingly ruined teenage body, but Tom only allows him to metaphorically elbow-drop Littlest back down into Hell. The body is still a barely-alive girl, and Tom feels guilty about having both stolen it and helped it along to its current state.

In the end, Herbert recovers some of the assets that were used to incubate Rhadamantus' new physical shells, before his liberation, and has them spliced with Paradise tech to heal the body and keep it in stasis. Seeing as it's harbored a demon for several years, he considers it unsafe for simple termination. Any noncorporeal idiot with a grudge could latch onto her between the tower, the ICU and the crematorium, so he feels safer keeping it aside as an insurance policy for anyone in his wider circle that might come to need a literal extra life.

A few days past that, Amenadiel seemingly vanishes, and Gabriel is forced to admit that in all of Creation, the only people who could track him down are in Hope.

Of course, all of this plays against the backdrop of Hope rebuilding and mundane crime getting a boost - along with a few fresh new supernatural threats of a more mundane nature - at least for now. Li Si of the Qin Dynasty is looking to shake things up, initially posing as a serious pro-democracy contender on China's mainland, but unlikely sources pop up, reporting that he has a lot more in common with Rasputin than with Taiwan's democratically-elected PM... Nereus has also reached Hope, New Dalarath is well under way and it looks like America and most of Europe are both set to benefit from a few years' worth of relative peace.

Still, it's not every day that Watatsumi of the Hundred Dragons pops up on a Clank hero's doorstep, just days after Sophia's descendant is planted and grown to maturity in a few hours...

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Re: Transitional ideas between the current chapter and the next

Post by TennyoCeres84 »

I figure one reason Matriel was stationed in Hope was that Watatsumi might return there one day. That should be interesting...

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