Eventual AIs in the Hopeverse

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Eventual AIs in the Hopeverse

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For now, virtual streamers mostly consist of a performer in mocap gear being tracked by a camera array, with their gestures being replicated by an on-screen model. With Paradise's own progress and the Others eventually throwing a spanner in the works - along with Archie's own, eventually defective helper AI - the period of peacetime between the incursions and whatever other schtick the Others will attempt to pull could see the birth of "people" that owe a fair bit to the Transgenics' nanite clusters.

It might be that by 2030 in the Hopeverse, you have people struggling for their own rights on a daily basis - except they've never had bodies of their own. You see them on Twitch, they render themselves in visible form for YouTube videos and hook themselves up to external computers and consoles to consume entertainment-related content - but they only ever exist in their usually clustered server farms that pockmark Earth and its two colonies. A few are looking to find a way to fully enter the physical world by hacking modern Clank armatures to fit their needs, others would rather find more ways to bring their physical friends and family members into their own virtual constructs for longer periods of time.

In the early days, you'd probably end up with AIs acting a bit like this actual virtual streamer does. Angelica's actor has always presented the character as having no basis in the real world and having only ever existed virtually. Considering, her personality comes with a smidgen of childlike curiosity concerning physical issues or certain particulars of physical existence... The acting and voice tweaking might leave a bit to be desired, but the end-product is still fairly interesting.

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