This is for those who do more than just your average card tricks. Artificers, Wardens, Diviners, Healers and more reprehensible types, welcome!
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- as this naturally involves channelling the powers of Hell, practitioners are called Infernalists
- due to the highly volatile and often aggressive nature of this School, users get a *very* bad rep

Basic History
- as Hell wasn't definitively shaped until Antiquity, Infernalism has its roots in all the other Schools, but takes elements from them and applies them for literally hellish purposes
- would take shape in the Middle Ages, expand during the Inquisition and the Arcane Dark Ages, and simmers under the cultural surface of arcane theory since then
- is a School that's lined with drama, heartbreak, tragedy, murder and horror. Rarely anything good ever comes out of harnessing Hellfire. Rare exceptions exist, though

How Does it Work?
- initially a lot like Elemental Magic. The difference is you're reaching inside to focus on every little bit of negative potential you have in you: anger, rage, sorrow, pettiness, cruelty, regret...
- you have to bring yourself to *feel* these emotions like never before, until they make contact with your prepared conduit of arcane energy
- what wells out of you is compared to free-flowing energetic plasma by Karthians, but has no radioactive properties. It's liquid hate, via tainted in its darkest form possible
- this can result in firebolt-like discharges, "water cannons" of Hellfire, items and bodies tainted by it at your touch, etc.
- anything is possible, provided you've learned the basic trick you're looking to apply from its parent School

- tainted via is even less stable than the already volatile pure element. Considering this, Infernalists who use this as a primary crutch will be literally consumed by it
- they don't turn into liches, though. What burns away is the Good that's in them. Past that, their body is twisted, charred, disfigured
- you might start out with the best intentions in the world, but you'll end up a snarling, sneering wretch who can't think straight, before the end
- you'll feel hounded, watched, persecuted, derided and hated - but you'll have a *ton* of power for your delusional self to tap into
- the more you tap into it, the less of you remains

- Amazo's fought a few Infernalists in his time and could recount just what seeing one go over the edge means
- it's a pitiful sight, like a cross between a feral animal and an arcane H-bomb
- by that point, all you can do is kill what's almost assuredly a confirmed Warlock by now
- lots of power, but no sapience? This means that paradoxally, Amazo's killed his Infernalists by shooting them in the head

- rarely, what also happens is the Infernalist essentially extinguishes its own sapience and Hellfire supply. You're left with a docile, drooling, twisted wretch that can only be institutionalized or put out of its misery

- not everyone goes to Hellfire for a guilt-free power trip, though. Stable persons, especially arcane weaponsmiths, can briefly draw on something negative to imbue things like pistols or blades with Hellfire. Doing that, though, consigns the weapon to accelerated deterioration. Your Hellfire pistols will pack as much punch as big game rifles, but they won't last two weeks, no matter how much you maintain them. Your blade, no matter how expertly forged, will shatter within a few days

Demons and Hellfire
- this arcane element is native to denizens of Pandemonium and the Pit and is an absolute bane for angels. All demons, Leonard in particular, have some skill at channelling it into physical form and concrete use. The bodies they hijack don't, though. Demons have to be very, very scarce in their applications of arcane power on the mortal plane. The more they use it, the more their claimed physical shell deteriorates.
- Leonard has by far the highest level of control and could hold out for years before visually identifiable signs of physical corruption will appear, but his possessed juniors won't have so much luck. Suffice it to say, his cabinet will be very quickly vacated...
- this implies *subtle* uses, however. Low-key hexes and curses, or priming the wards for his summons

Dealing with Demons
- Infernalists are the most likely of any school to consort with the Damned, and their voice has power with them. Not *over* them, but *with* them
- meaning demons are at liberty to decide whether or not to appear, but they definitely hear the calls of Infernalists more than they do those of an equally dedicated practitioner from another School
- this is especially true for Belial, who works closely with Infernalists. He bargains for pieces of their mortal soul for instant upgrades to their power

- Infernalists are also notable for penning the only serious demonic grimoires any self-respecting practitioner would want to consult
- if there's one thing they get right, it's that you can't talk about demons with a straight face if you haven't dealt with one yourself
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