Space Travel

See what the world's like in 2025! All specific technological achievements are chronicled here for your perusal.
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Space Travel

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- space travel is fairly common. Each major population center has its own spaceport
- Paradise is currently the major destination, usually referred to as "Gilese 581 C". "Paradise" is more of a colloquial designation
- Karthian + Drifter prospectors are setting ground work for off-world Terran colonies in solar system

- currently test colonies and research centers on Luna and Mars. A few hundred individuals per settlement at best
- we're still a far cry from lunar casino towns or exotic resorts on exoplanets
- even the shuttles aren't really designed for comfort. Hypersleep tech is used to bring non-Karthian beings into something resembling Stasis during travel
- trip involves fold-space drives, so it only takes a few hours and three "leaps". Stasis is a safety measure in case the fold-space drives fail...
- would enable the drifting cruiser to plot its course back to Earth on standard engines over the course of centuries, with its passengers kept alive

Orion Shuttles
- main purveyor of VTOL services in America (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) from helipads
- shuttles can hold twelve passengers, four crew and two pilots
- fairly new market a single company was able to quickly corner
- same shuttles are also used for upper-atmosphere flights (Hope-Tokyo in two hours, for instance)

- forced development of extreme-altitude parachute gear, long-distance wingsuits, etc.
- allows outfitted humans and anthros to survive atmospheric re-entry conditions and to deploy high-performance chutes from higher altitudes than conventional chute fabrics
- sleeker suits for space walks or zero-atmosphere conditions were also designed. Far less weight to carry, far less bulky. Feels like your average fighter pilot's suit without outer shell on.

Tobolenski Imports
- Russo-Karthian company offering freighter services for goods, anything that qualifies as cargo
- core European and North-American outlets are fairly professional, but TI serves as the best unwary flight plan "carrier" for illegal immigrants or people looking to leave Earth on the sly
- ultimately depends on the vigilance of local operators. Capture of Anastasius Romanov dissolved the Hierarchy and Hierarchy was maintaining USSR cargo standards...
- Hope's TI counter is secure, so is New York's or Boston's or Washington's or Seattle's - but Hoboken's isn't. Plenty of scummy little offices in remote towns that TI's verification staff can't routinely check
- ...that means a lot of Karthian operators aren't shy about how they miss being able to mentally shackle their workers
- the "freedom" to be reckless or careless is what's allowing illegal deportations, immigrations or "unscheduled" vacations...

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