See what the world's like in 2025! All specific technological achievements are chronicled here for your perusal.
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- Generally speaking, not a lot's changed. Architectural trends are still recognizable, in the 'burbs
- "Green" energies are becoming affordable. Flat-top cottages and bungalows are popular again, because of the potential space for solar panels
- Few people have an entirely eco-friendly and self-sufficient residence, but the steps are being taken
- examples: toilets running on rainwater, photovoltaic cells used to reduce power bills with associated company. Can't negate them entirely yet

- "Smart Glass' is becoming fairly common. Resistant, easy-to-clean glass panes and mirrors that cut on heating bills and that double as displays for various functions

- electrochromic windows. Fine "sandwiches" of two glass panes with solution suspended between them. A current turns the window opaque. Less blinds in the average room decorations, but drapes are still common
- closet doors can double as virtual corkboards or training mirrors
- kids tend to have their own tablet, parents tend to share one. Tablets are used to share documents, browse the Web or complete school work. Affordable physical keyboard docks

Living Room
- HDTV or wall-screens + projectors allow for 3D without eyeglasses. Household tablets can sync up with the display. Can be used to store movies on the tablets and watch themi in the living room
- tablets are basically personal media servers, newsstands and home workstations or gaming platforms

- countertops or tables are coated with antiseptic, easily cleaned glass surface
- can be used for display purposes (board games on someone's tablet) or as induction surfaces
- you don't necessarily have a dedicated stove-top. Your countertop can generate heating surfaces as requested
- ovens are still pretty much essential, but microwaves and regular ovens are merging. You switch modes as desired

- mirrors can be used as partial display surfaces. Usually suited for the display of memos, newsfeeds, timestamp

- Electric and hybrid cars are drowning out the fuel-based market little by little. Fuel-based cars are reserved for enthusiasts and vintage lovers
- electric cars are now powerful enough for sport models to compete with current fuel standards
- most come with a "noise-making" feature to compensate for the fact that electric motors are exceptionally quiet. Helps to present accidents.
- electric bikes do exist. Electric choppers aren't catching on too well. :)
- Cars can interface with tablets. Might instantly know to play only uploaded songs, or tablets can store dashboard themes
- vehicles have very few physical buttons anymore. Wheels and pedals are pretty much the only ones remaining. Everything else is touchscreen-based
- to help with that, most cars come with kinetic stabilizers. Helps to minimise irregularities in the road, potholes, etc.
- cars can self-drive on long, linear stretches, using sensors. Helps for long highway stretches. Defacto driver isn't encouraged to fall asleep, though
- a physical driver is still needed in case fast reactions are needed

- Referral ID tags can be sewn in clothes or kept in pockets. Helps house and cars to identify who's in which room and who's behind the wheel.
- that way, tablets don't have to be lugged around all the time. Wireless and broadband connections have become excessively fast and efficient
- WIFI Hot Spots are a thing of the past. The entire city is a hotspot.
- RFID Tags are usually charged by induction. Just hang your clothes after washing them, and the tags recharge in a few minutes

- visual augmentation is still tricky, but augmented reality is fairly common
- glasses can be made to sync up with a timestamp or show newsfeeds. Usually light and unobtrusive. Full-size display would mess with field of view
- optometrists disagree with that practice, but a lot of reckless types "jailbreak" their glasses to display full text displays, movies, picture-in-picture conversations, etc.
- tends to cause accidents when used like this
- electrochromic prescription lenses mean you switch from reading glasses to sunglasses with the push of a button on the side

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